Apr. 21st, 2009

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It had sounded perfect, she thought.  Perfect.

Small.  Light.  Fits on an armband.  Activated with a single touch, keyed to the wearer's DNA. It supposedly lasts for three hours continuous use without needing a recharge.  Sure, Bar had mentioned there might be some harmless side effects.

Initially, she'd been rather enamoured of the way it looked. Like she was wearing a thin skin of oil over her entire body, only in the most beautiful shade of cobalt blue.  And standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, she could see no reflection whatsoever.  She did a little twirl, and noted her vision wasn't effected at all.  (Moving with the privacy screen always gave her a bit of a headache.) 

And then she shut it off.   She pressed the button and shut it off.   Off. Off. Off.

She thought it wasn't shutting off because she could still see the blue tint of the field covering her body.  And then she looked up into the mirror. 

Oh no.

She scrubbed her hands under the water.  Nothing.  She fished her sonic screwdriver out of her pocket and fiddled with the settings.  She aimed it at the back of her hand and cringed as she pressed the button.  A high pitched whirr filled the small room and she felt the energy field writhing over her skin.  After a long moment, she looked down at her hand.



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