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As of Cubefall 2009, River Song has chosen to become a lycanthrope, a.k.a. werewolf, somewhat after the strain of lycanthropy in Dog Soldiers.  For the three days of the full moon, she transforms at moonrise into an eight foot tall digitigrade werewolf with a tail.

The rest of the month she has enhanced reflexes, a heightened sense of smell and hearing.  If your pup is organic and has a scent, she can detect their emotions, including lies.  Blood scent and fear scent will attract her attention, as will acting wounded.  Any prolonged eye contact (staring without blinking) will be taken as a challenge.  Waitrats will not approach her or your pup while your pup is in proximity, unless they really like your pup, or they've been tipped very well, in advance, and sometimes not even then.

She also understands and speaks canine which typically appears in italics like this.

For scent detecting pups, River is mated to Captain Ryan, and as such, his scent is all over her, all the time.  If your pup and Ryan have history, feel free to let it spill over to River.  A head's up for confrontations is greatly appreciated.

My AIM handle is exlibrisignis.  Please feel free to ping me for any interaction, questions, comments, or lotto numbers.  I promise I don't bite unless you ask nicely.


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