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The Library, Day 121, Post Mortem: Well, that lasted longer than I expected. 

The team, and I use that word lightly, has decided to forego any further structured exploration of our virtual environment, in lieu of pursuing individual priorities.  Strackman Lux is no where to be found.  His interest in the more prurient subject matter in the Library discourages me from investigating his whereabouts any further.

And I have been relieved of any further responsibilities, as there is no one to report our progress to. 

Dr. Moon has informed me that CAL is tracking their discrete information signals, and that they are all in good health.

It's like that pub question.  You have all the time in the world.  What subject do you study?  I think I'll start with Artificial Intelligence and Data Storage, and go from there.

The Library, Day 839, Post Mortem:
I saw Anita today.  I tried to speak to her, but she appeared to be in some kind of trance.  CAL informs me that her data ghost has not undergone any degradation so there's that at least.  She's the first I've seen of them since we split.

I've learned how to work with CAL to manipulate my environment.  She's most eager to please when she has someone to interract with.  We've agreed that smash cuts are disturbing, and that I should take in my days one minute at a time, even the boring ones.  (More time for reading that way.)  She's also agreed to allow me my office spaces.  She has been very respectful about only appearing in the corridor and knocking to request entrance.

It's a clever ruse, of course.  She is still very much a child, in that she has no idea what to do with adult emotions.  It disturbs her greatly to see me crying, so I try to keep it to myself.  But then, she can see everywhere and can not bring herself to leave me alone when I'm having a bit of difficulty.

She was the one who located the historical recordings of the Doctor for me.  At first, I was thrilled.  Now, I find I must save them, ration them carefully.

I have no idea when or even if my data signal will begin to degrade, but if it's a long time from now, I will need to keep myself from gorging on all of his records.  He seems to recognise me, but then, that also seems to be a function of the recording.  Some days it helps.  Some days it only makes it worse.

The Library, Day 6815, Post Mortem: I discovered something very interesting by accident today.

I am apparently double archived.  This came as a great relief as I'd been studying a fictional account of one of the larger sauropods in the Terran timeline, and he decided I would make a tasty snack.  Nothing like this has ever happened here before. I shall have to blame Arthur Conan Doyle and remember to be more careful in future.

Let us never speak of it again.


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