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Research notes 2009-0406 23:17:21
Waxing Moon, Three days until Full Moon
Terran Lycanthropy, Species 1010
One life form with two cyclically alternating physical forms:
Humanoid & Bipedal human-wolf hybrid
Subjects refer to themselves as 'infected', though in talking to Dr. Wesker and Sgt. Wells, I know no evidence of infection has ever been successfully documented.
If you're reading this, I have a favour to ask.
Primary transition upon 'infection' is nominal, indeed, imperceptible to the untrained eye.  Rapid healing, to the point that twentieth century projectile weapons do not present a significant threat.
If I ask you to do this, I need you to not question me.
Human senses are augmented into the range of canine abilities.  Scent becomes a significant method of interaction.  Humans communicate emotions through scent, and the 'infected' subject Richard easily picks up on a vast array of information.  I marvel at his ability to process both streams of information, verbal and olfactory, at the same time.
I need you to understand that I've done the research.  I've given it a significant amount of thought..
He picks up on contradictions between spoken words and scent, and can easily sense the veracity of a statement.  He can determine a person's intent, often I think before they even know it themselves. 
When I ask you, I need you to breathe in my scent, so that you know.  I love you, more than mere words can express, and I need you to trust me in this.
He has enhanced physical strength and reflexes.  Unsure to as to when these qualities initially manifested, but I suspect from the moment of complete transference.  I suspect that in a sufficiently advanced laboratory, we could confirm the existence nanogenes, though Wells hinted at magic.  I dispute this diagnosis, but his experience is far greater than mine.
When the day comes that I come to you and I ask you to do this, I need you to set aside your own fears for me and trust that I understand exactly what it is I am asking of you.
I suspect nanogenes due to the rapid increase in mass during the transition to the wolf form, which Richard says lasts less than a minute.  And which he informs me is incredibly painful.  I can only imagine what it is like to experience one's internal structures rearranging themselves violently.  (Note to inquire of CAL whether this can be accomplished in simulation.)
If you're still reading this, I know you are flush with indignation, your instinct to protect me assaulting your rationality. I understand that, believe me I do.  And if you find you can't, please tell me now, that I may spare us both the humiliation of me asking and you having to refuse.

If you feel that you can do this for me, then there is no need to say anything.  When the time comes, all I ask is that you do this for me, without questioning. And I promise you, I will not ask this of you unless I am sure that it is what I want.  With all my heart and mind.

Know that you're in my heart and in my thoughts, always.  I love you, Richard.  I have no idea how or why it happened so swiftly and so completely, I only know that it has.  And I'm not inclined to question it.  It would feel like questioning the inevitability of daybreak. It just is.  And I'm am more than content to let it be. 



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