Aug. 8th, 2009

Six Months

Aug. 8th, 2009 08:34 pm
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She's eyeing the calender on her desk and the date.  Six months ago, she invited him to dinner.  Six months ago he said yes.  Six months ago, she was still human.  Six months ago and a day ago, she considered herself a ghost -- not among the living.  A memory of a life, perhaps, but not an actual life.

Six months ago, he reminded her that she was very much alive and he's spent every day since proving to her that life is very much worth living.

So she's sitting at her desk, trying to jot down something simple in a note to tell him how glad she is that she met him, how much she loves him, how much he's become a vital part of her existence.  She never thought it could be this good.  And it's all because of him.  But she doesn't think he'd appreciate pages and pages of her pouring her heart out.   She just wants to make him smile, and mark the day.  So she's trying for something quick and to the point.

All that's come out is a silly little ditty, and she's almost embarrassed by how naff it is, but it's quick and to the point.

I can't believe you shredded my knickers,
I can't believe you bit my nose,
I can't believe how much I love you,
Everyday it grows and grows.

Happy first six months,

Completely naff.  So she adds a couple of hearts with an arrow through it, grinning as she tries to picture his expression upon reading it.

Maybe she'll stuff it in his holster or something.

"Oh I know..."


She tucks the note in his collar, and pets his face while she asks him to take the note to its intended recipient. It means she won't see his reaction when he reads it, but she wagers it'll be worth it.


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